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Cancellation Policy & Practitioner Code of Ethics

Events, Classes, Readings & Private Sessions Cancellation Policy

Out of consideration for our teachers, practitioners, presenters and students, we have a 24-hour cancellation policy which has been in effect since the opening of Aquarius Sanctuary. If you need to cancel out of a workshop, class, reading or private session you have pre-registered for and give us 24-hours notice that you will be unable to attend, there is no charge to you and any payment is fully refundable. After the 24-hour point there are no refunds and if you have given a credit card number to hold your spot we will need to charge you. Many of our teachers, presenters, practitioners and readers travel in from long distances or other parts of the country and we need to respect their time commitments. We do recommend registering for events in advance. It puts forth your energy for the event to happen, and ensures that we meet presenter minimum numbers.

If an event is cancelled by Aquarius Sanctuary, you will receive at least 24 hours notice and your payment is fully refundable. If you have questions on whether a class is running or not just check out our web site to see if any cancellation note has posted, or call us at 978-692-8288 before coming to your class or private appointment.

Events and Classes posted as Pre-Registration required means that there is a minimum number of participants needed to have the event.  This does not mean limited seating and last minute participants are more than welcome to attend!  Events and Classes posted as Limited Seating means that there are only a specific number of seats available.

Practitioner Code of Ethics

I will serve the best interests of my clients at all times, conducting my professional activities with integrity, honesty, full disclosure of my abilities and limitations, with the intent to support and empower my client in every way without causing harm to the client in any way.
I will keep CONFIDENTIAL the names of clients and all information shared or discussed during sessions or readings and will not divulge that information to anyone other than the client.

I will respect my client’s right to terminate their session or reading at any time if they are uncomfortable.

I will completely release the information shared or discussed with the client from my mind once the reading is over and not discuss that information with anyone again unless the client gives me permission or asks me to do so.

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